Capital market has been long existing in Taiwan, as shown by the 56-year history ever since the establishment of the Taiwan Stock Exchange. Nonetheless, there was no official investor relations institution dedicated to the profession despite its long history. In light of this, Taiwan Investor Relations Institute (Tiri) is founded by a group of Taiwan IR professionals to represent the region to reach out in the international realm as well as to raise the profiles of IR practitioners in Taiwan.

A general meeting was convened in May earlier this year to elect a board committee, which includes 20 IROs from a range of companies in Taiwan, with Elizabeth Sun of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company as Honorary Chair, and Shen Fu Fu, Head of Public Affairs and Spokesperson of ChungHwa Telecom as Tiri’s Chairperson. An inauguration ceremony will be held on 23 October. Gary Labranche, President and CEO of National Investor Relations Institute, and also a guest of the ceremony, states that he is delighted to witness the establishment of Tiri, as it presents the growth, development and evolution of the profession placed upon an international perspective.

According to Shen, one of the goals of the Institute is to set up relationships with other similar organizations in the world to seek future potentials of collaboration. Its next step is to make contacts with societies in the UK, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and China.

Image source: Taiwan Investor Relations Institute