A couple of years have passed ever since the HKEX started requiring listed companies to publish ESG reports, yet many listed companies still fail to grasp the scope of the announcement and even its functions. The Roma Group (8072), which provides ESG reporting services for listed companies, showcases itself as an example to show how ESG reports can reach the goal of communicating with investors.

Edward Lau, Vice President of the Group, said in an interview that in Roma, the ESG report is a tool for communication with different stakeholders. When conducting the materiality assessment, the company will also communicate with different stakeholders, and incorporate their comments into the report.

In fact, before collecting stakeholder opinions, companies need to identify different stakeholders in the organization. For Roma Group, these include employees, management, directors, investors, and some regulators and suppliers. Their opinions are collection via a variety of channels, including questionnaires, group discussions, websites or documents, in order to screen some of the most important elements and put them into the ESG report.

After collecting opinions, he pointed out that the Roma report has two main elements: people-oriented, green operation. In terms of people-oriented, the company mainly provides valuation and risk management services for customers. Therefore, human resources can be said to be the most important to the company, so the company will provide some training, because more than 90% of the company's employees have university degrees or professional qualifications, the company provides different types of internal and external training, so that employees can keep up with the times and continue to integrate with different regulatory agencies or accounting systems. In addition to training, the company also organizes birthday parties, family days, etc. for employees.

As for green operation, Edward Lau pointed out that the company's main business, i.e. financial service evaluation, is largely an office-based operation. In the office, the paper is the most used resource. Therefore, the company will remind colleagues to use double-sided photocopying in the office and also recommend colleagues to make good use of recycled paper. At the same time, colleagues will be reminded to think clearly before printing each piece of paper.

In terms of energy consumption, there is much air-conditioning in the office. Therefore, Roma puts a slogan in the office and keeps the office temperature at 25.5 degrees, a more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly level. He said that on the issue of environmental protection, Roma believes that "Do not fail to commit an act of kindness just because it is small in scale". If every institution does this, it can accumulate into a bigger power and truly help the community and environment.

On social responsibility, in addition to organizing different seminars and training, Roma also collaborates with universities to allow students to conduct internships in the company one year before graduation. They will also provide vocational seminars to secondary schools to enable young people who are about to enter the community to understand what the risk management businessis, and give them a taste of society before they officially step in.

Edward Lau said that a good ESG report can improve the company's reputation and allow customers to see that the company is not pursuing short-term profits, but to pursue long-term strategic development so that they can have more confidence to use the company’s service. At the same time, some investors may see the long-term development of the company, which can attract green funds, institutional investors, etc. On the other hand, in the process of making ESG reports, in particular during the materiality assessment, the company may find its own inadequacies and allow them to take remedial measures in a timely manner.