The Financial Secretary, Paul Chan, announced his third budget last week. He escorted the budget on the latest blog that the upcoming annual fiscal surplus forecast is HK$58.7 billion, of which 73% is used for one-time distribution. The ratio is much higher than last year's about 40%. , including the use of reduction of salaries tax and corporate profits tax and property rates, the granting of a one-month standard amount allowance to CSSA recipients and other social security recipients, and the granting of a subsidy of $2,500 to each student in need, To pay the examination fee for the candidates of the Secondary School and to issue an additional $1,000 medical vouchers to eligible seniors.

After deducting the one-time distribution of more than 40 billion, the remaining fiscal surplus, together with the income and part of the fiscal reserves for the coming year, are used to build a livable city, improve medical care and people's livelihood, and develop the economy. 

He said that the problems and pain points faced by the society often accumulate for a long time. They cannot solved in a short time. we should identify long, medium and short-term problems and solutions, and implement them steadily. Among them, listening carefully and starting from the heart can understand each other and face and solve problems together.

The one-time distribution of the budget accounts for a higher proportion of surplus than last year