3 Hong Kong, a telecommunications provider under Hutchison Telecom (215), had previously cooperated with Huawei to carry out 5G network trials. There is concern in the market that the trials would influence the company's development of 5G networks. CEO of Hutchison Telecom Koo Sing Fai clarifies that the company has not yet appointed 5G network equipment manufacturers. Besides its cooperation with Huawei, the company had also conducted 5G network testing with various other suppliers, so the ultimate decision is yet to be announced.

In regards to the launch date, he pointed out that the company had just completed 5G outdoor network testing earlier and they will determine the launch date in according to protocol. 

Late last year, the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau assigned the first batch of 4100 MHz of spectrum for the provision of 5G services. They hope that operators will be able to deploy 5G services by April this year at the earliest.