SIX, owner of the Zurich-based Swiss Stock Exchange, announced that the company will launch the first exchange dedicated to crypto-currency.

SIX said in the statement that in light of the increasing influence of digital technology, it is a suitable time to create a new digital ecosystem. The establishment of the crypto-exchange will bring along an enormous change to the infrastructure of the investment market.

The SIX digital exchange, expected to be in operation in the first half of 2019, will be the first in the world to provide transaction, settlement and custody services on Bitcoin and such other crypto-currencies. These digital assets have always been blamed for lacking regulation. The founding of the exchange is expected to ensure security, stability and transparency to the transactions.

Crypto-currencies have experienced dramatic drops in value for the first half year. For Bitcoin, its price decreases from US $20,000 per token at the beginning of the year to a recent $6,600.


Image source: Flickr