Charles Li, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, believes that Hong Kong people should let the police do their jobs. The People's Liberation Army should not be involved in any Hong Kong affairs. He also believes that the differences between the Hong Kong people and the Central Government are formed out of fear.


Li said during a luncheon that all Hong Kong people actually experienced very difficult times, and everyone should find a way to get out of today's predicament. Hong Kong people demand for self autonomy, but they cannot let others think that there are possibilities that Hong Kong people are sabotaging Hong Kong. He repeatedly stressed that "the ones sabotaging Hong Kong is not Hong Kong people."


He pointed out that the people of Hong Kong hope for freedom of speech, media freedom, freedom of protest, etc. and that the rule of law can continue. The Central Government expects Hong Kong to have two systems, and hopes that Hong Kong can serve as an international metropolis and become a test field for domestic reform. At the same time, the Central Government hopes that one country and two system will be a role model of unification. He believes that the expectations of the Central Government and Hong Kong people are actually the same. The "two systems" are the common dream of the people of Hong Kong and the Central Government.


He pointed out that fear made the two sides to have more disagreements: Hong Kong people feared losing freedom, and the central government feared Hong Kong people turning against China.  He believes that Hong Kong people should give the Central Government confidence that the one country, two systems will not be destroyed.


The Ministry of National Defense mentioned yesterday that the Hong Kong Government can request assistance from the People's Liberation Army when necessary. Li pointed out that even though the Basic Law has this arrangement, the role of the PLA is to defend Hong Kong's sovereignty but not domestic affairs in Hong Kong. He believes that regardless of the satisfaction of the Hong Kong police performance, the police should be allowed to do their jobs.


For the recent low transactions volume, Li believes that the transaction volume is generally low in summer, but it is a little lower than the normal summer this summer. The specific reasons are still being studied, but he urged the public to be not anxious for the time being. He pointed out that the performance of the HKEX in the first half of the year was much better than expected, and he was cautiously optimistic throughout the year.


He is also very pleased with the official operation of the STAR Market and believes that it will re-energize the vitality of China's capital market. For Hong Kong, the increase in the vitality of China's capital market will also have corresponding benefits for the Hong Kong market.