30 Percent Club was established in the UK in 2010, aiming to encourage boards of listed companies to have 30% of their board members as female. The US Chapter of the Club recently announced that, amidst the celebration of its fourth anniversary, it has reached the milestone of having 30% of female board directors of its 72 member companies.

Kiersten Barnet, Chair of the US Chapter, said that corporations are now deploying different methods to ensure female representation in boards, including hiring recruitment firms to locate suitable candidates (as opposed to acquaintances of existing board members), and widening their scope of search to include not only current or former CEOs but also other people of high positions (e.g. CFOs) or heads of professional departments.

30 Percent Club also opened a chapter in Hong Kong. According to a report in 2017, female representation of boards of listed companies in Hong Kong was 13.3%.

Image source: Pixabay