As digital technology continues to shape our lives, it will also change our experience in using banking and financial services. A recent report predicts 6 new job positions that may appear in the banking industry.

HSBC recently commissioned a research organization to conduct a study on the future development of the industry in light of the changing digital landscape. The report states clearly that human capital will never be replaced by artificial intelligence; the key is to combine advantages from both sides to deliver enhanced experience to clients. The report also predict the coming of 6 new positions:

Mixed Reality Experience Designer

Mixed reality, or augmented reality, is now increasingly regarded as the bridge towards the future digital age. The technology to merge reality and virtuality will likely be used in certain administrative procedures and services.

Algorithm Mechanic

Algorithm is widely used to predict trends, due to its ability to analyze a large amount of data. A mechanic is needed to continuously make adjustments to the logic in order to cope with the rapid-changing world of information.

Conversational Interface Designer

Chat robot has now been used by major banks on their online banking platforms as well as physical outlets. In-depth knowledge of linguistics and communication theory shall be needed to deliver better interactional accuracy and experience to clients.

Universal Service Advisor

This position is likely to created due to the increasingly blurred boundaries between the real, the virtual, and the distant. As customers now find more channels to make their inquiries, knowledgeable persons who can switch seamlessly between different platforms to answer these questions shall be highly demanded.

Digital Process Engineer

More services will be provided by banks in the future, in light of digital and technology advance. Processes of these services are then expected to become more complicated. Monitoring and facilitation of these processes are required to ensure the smoothness of their flows.

Partnership Gateway Enabler

Digital collaboration has become tighter than ever between banks and their business partners. Professionals are needed to provide insights on regulating and securing data exchange between the parties.

Image source: Freepik