After a periodic wave of result announcements, listed companies successively announced their annual reports. It has been found that out of the 33 Hang Send Index companies, there is at least one female director, but there are still six companies that have no female directors.  There are only 10 companies with only one female director, and the average female directors ratio is 14.31%. The most gender-equal company is Hang Seng Bank (0011), which has 5 female directors and a female directorship ratio of 38.46%.

However, even if a certain percentage of female directors is reached, they may not be able to participate in major decision-making. For example, HSBC (0005) has a female directorship ratio of 35.71%, but they all serve as independent non-executive directors, and all executive directors are men. The proportion of female directors in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (0388) is 23.08%, lower than that of the HSBC. However, the position of the chairman is taken by a female.

In terms of the average age of directors, the average age of the 33 companies is 60, and the average age of 11 companies is higher than the retirement age of 65. The highest average age company is CKH Holdings (0001) with an average age of 73. In fact, the average age of directors of CK Group is high. The average age of directors of Power Assets (0006), CKI Holdings (1038) and CK Assets (1113) are 67, 68 and 68 respectively, all exceeding retirement age. Another family business company, SHKP (0016), also has an average age of 71. However, there are some family business like Sino Land (0083), the average age of the director is only 55 years old, and the company's vice chairman Daryl Ng, is only 40 years old.

The youngest board of directors is Swire (0019), whose average age is 52, mainly because J.R. Slosar retired as chairman last year, and the new chairman Merlin Bingham Swire is only 45 years old. His 39-year-old brother Samuel Compton Swire is also a director. And there are only three directors over the age of 65. The Chinese family businesses are also relatively young. The average age of the board of directors of Country Garden (2007) and Hengan (1044) are only 54 years old, mainly because their successors have already entered the board of directors.

The highest-paid directors of each company varies. The highest paid director of all companies is Martin Lau, president of Tencent (0700), which topped the list with RMB 313 million, a 30% increase over last year's salary. The director with second highest salary is Canning Fok, managing director CKH Holdings, whose salary is HKD 226 million, 7.49% higher than last year. The most "squat" company is China Shenhua (1088), and the highest paid directors only received RMB 450 thousand, but with an increase of 73.08%. The highest paid female director is Doreen Lee, vice chairman of Wharf REIC (1997). Her last year's salary was HKD 29.949 million, an increase of 1.79 times compared with 2017. Former Swire Chairman J. R. Slosar is the director with the most pay cuts. His salary last year was HKD 11.3 million, down by 48.88% from 2017.

Based on the top 10 directors’ salaries, the median salary of the 33 companies was HKD 48.5 million, and the highest salary was HKD 559 million, and the least salary was RMB 1.87 million. In addition, the salary increase of Wharf Property was 2.17 times, far from the second highest increase, 51.23% of Hang Lung Properties (0101). The biggest decline was in China Life Insurance (2628), which fell by 47.59%.

Among the 33 companies, 16 are family businesses with relatives between the directors. Among them, Victor Li, who taken over the torch last year, has the highest salary in CK Group, and his salary in CKH Holdings, Power Assets, CKI Holdings and CK assets were HKD 112 million, HKD 0.7 million, HKD 33.31 million and HKD 94.42 million respectively, totaling HKD 240 million. Among the companies that have not yet officially taken over by the successors, the director with highest salary was vice chairman of Galaxy (0027), Francis Lui, has a salary of HKD 81.89 million, an increase of 10.5% over 2017. The lowest salary is Hengan Executive Director Sze Wong Kim. His salary in 2018 was only HKD 54,000, which is 1.81% less than that in 2017. The successor with the highest salary increase was Country Garden Co-Chairman Yang Huiyan, whose salary rose by 1.48 times. She was also re-elected as the co-chairman by the Vice-Chairman last year.