The largest difference of the Avenue of Stars after renovation lies on the fact that its operator has changed from the government to a commercial company. When sustainable development has become a tag of the trend, New World Property, which fully funded the revitalization project, has also done it in a way so that CSR becomes visible.

Insofar as the old Avenue of Stars was blamed for not providing any seats and not allowing tourists to go near the coast due to its railing design, its new layout has taken the perspective of the visitor by visually narrowing the sense of distance between the waterfront and Victoria Harbour without greatly altering its width. At the same time, a large amount of green elements are also added to the designs of the pavilions and the deck, giving a 7 times increase in terms of the number of shaded areas, and 8 times in terms of green areas.

As for materials, flooring was partly made of recycled glass which enhances reflection, while lightly coloured pavements are also capable of reducing heat island effect, an important feature for such outdoor attractions as the Avenue of Stars especially when it comes to summertime. All these features may contribute to a better response from society as compared to the so-called No Straw Day. The praise for environmental friendliness is furthered by the addition of bio-based wood substitute handrail and seating, as well as smart lamppost with Wi-Fi, mobile signal, security cameras, speakers and power.

Adrian Cheng, New World’s executive vice-chairman, is known for adding new elements to his projects. The renovated attraction is now Hong Kong’s first pilot of wave energy, although the Netherland-imported system is now only for test purpose; electrical power generated will only be used after sufficient data has been collected. Eco tours are to be organized to educate the public on renewable energy and sustainable development.

The new design has been accredited by SITES, an internationally recognized assessment system with a gold certification, the first of its kind ever given to any outdoor space in China.