A recent investors relations report pointed out that Asian firms led in disclosing information regarding environmental, social and governance (ESG) information within their websites. 71% of companies from the region feature a page on relevant ESG and social responsibility data; Europe is only second to follow, with a rate of 70%.

On the contrary, only 45% of North American firms show relevant information on their websites. The report concludes that the relatively low rate is indicative of the fact that these topics conventionally occupy a low priority in terms of corporate communications in North America.

Globally speaking, 59% of companies include ESG information on their web pages.

Simultaneously, the report also surveyed analysts and investors as to how they would rate the importance of different kinds of information available at a company’s website. ESG information scores a 2.9 on the global scale (5 being most important, 1 being least). The top three categories are press releases, contact information of an IR executive, and schedules of corporate events and reports. Looking into regions, Asia delivers a score of 3.2, while Europe and North America give a 2.7.

Although the process in which North American companies disclose environmental and sustainability data has been slow, improvements can be observed recently. Large firms such as Apple, Google, and Amazon have already increased the proportion to which related information is featured in their websites.

Issues of climatic changes are tightly related to society, politics, and by extension, business operations. In light of this, IR teams should be aware of ensuring, in addition to financial data, the presence of deep and ESG- and responsibility-related information in their websites.

Image source: Flickr