What are the main features of Moebius Asia?

Moebius Asia combines the latest media technology, professional multimedia content production, and strong market network to bring the most up-to-date market news and insights to the investment sector. Our strong bilingual content helps parties of different geographical and cultural origins to access our platform.

What are the objectives of Moebius Asia?

Moebius Asia strives to deliver maximal investor outreach via technology and digital marketing for listed companies, and in turns enable investor bodies to obtain a better understanding of issuers in Hong Kong, China, and Asia.
Ultimately Moebius Asia prides itself in serving as a bridge between buy-side and sell-side worldwide.

Does Moebius Asia maintain links with other professional bodies?

Moebius Asia maintains good relationships with such bodies as the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (HKGCC), the Chamber of Hong Kong Listed Companies, the Hong Kong Society of Financial Analysts, etc. as media partners and event co-organizers.

What content(s) are available at Moebius Asia?

Moebius Asia offers a wide range of multimedia content related to the investment market, including opinions by key market players, corporate interviews, event retrospectives, etc.

Will all content be free at Moebius Asia?

Accesses to content vary according to membership levels. While a number of contents are free, you are strongly recommended to register a free account to gain access to more content. If you are interested in becoming a subscription member to enjoy tools and contents, please contact

What are Moebius Tools?

Moebius Tools are a set of self-developed digital tools with featured functions such as a customer relations management (CRM) system, informative company directory with almost real-time figures, digital event organizer, and many more. They are integrated to deliver best user experience for both members and viewers.

What is Moebius Connect?

Moebius Connect serves as a portal to bridge listed companies to capital to foster new investment opportunities. Moebius Asia is able to achieve this due to its strong network with fund houses in Europe.

How is my information used?

Please refer to our Privacy Policy page for more information.

User Experience

Do I have to register an account to access Moebius Asia?

Although some contents on Moebius Asia are open to all for free, you are strongly recommended to register a free account in order to obtain access to contents exclusive to our members. To register, click WEB LINK.

I want to subscribe. What should I do?

You are recommended to register a free account at WEB LINK. Moebius Asia offers paid subscriptions with higher access levels to our contents. Please direct all subscription enquiries to

Is stock price information on website updated in real time?

Stock price and other related information are shown with a 15-minute delay.

How do I find news or announcements about companies?

The specific company page in our directory provides all related contents and information associated at Moebius Asia. A company can be searched by its name or stock code in the search box in the top-right corner.

Can I see past indexes and stock prices?

Moebius Asia updates stock price and related information on a daily basis and therefore does not provide stock prices in the past.

Can I update my company profile?

Corporate members, please contact for further assistance.

What should I do if I want to join Moebius Asia’s corporate membership?

Please contact Our representative will contact you as soon as possible.