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Wan Chai

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CPD Hour


New preferential individual income tax ("IIT") policy for talents in short supply from Hong Kong and overseas working in the Greater Bay Area ("GBA") was introduced a few months ago. Individuals from Hong Kong working in the GBA in general welcome this new policy. Yet, we are still waiting for further clarification on what qualifies as talent in short supply. As a separate issue, ease of doing business in GBA is equally important as compared to the IIT incentives. It might be a good idea to look into the current Free Trade Zones in Qianhai, Hengqin and Nanshan regarding the innovative local supports provided to the companies who are doing business there, i.e., tax incentives, local subsidies and the measures to shorten the administrative time and procedures for businesses to set up their business presence and comply with the filing requirements.


Speaker : Leo Yang, Ellen Tong

CPD Credit Hour : 1.50 Hours

Fee : Taxation Faculty Member: HK$120 | HKICPA member or student: HK$150 | IA/HKIAAT member or student: HK$150 | Non-member: HK$330

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Application Deadline : 30 July 2019