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Wan Chai

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CPD Hour


There are plentiful of leadership theories, books, studies and articles, but only a handful of company, team, and leader are successful. Research findings have suggested that in most cases, without effective leadership, people will only perform at about 2/3 of their potential. That means effective leadership can potentially boost each team member's performance by about 50%.

In this workshop, the speaker will share the skills that leaders need in order to maximize the performance potential of each team member and deliver performance, and the specific improvement areas for leaders to boost their team members.

After joining this workshop, participants will gain knowledge of:

  • The essential elements of Situational Leadership and applying it effectively at work
  • The 4 essential and effective team leadership skills and techniques, and applying them successfully in the workplace


Speaker : Mr. Eric Hwang Director, Strategic Change and Leadership Development, Graval Limited

CPD Credit Hour : 3.50 Hours

Fee : HKICPA member or student: HK$750 (online enrolment: HK$740) | IA/HKIAAT member or student: HK$750 | Non-member: HK$1500

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*Deadline is 7 working days before the date of the programme*