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18:30 - 21:30


Wan Chai

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CPD Hour


Big Data is concerned with extremely large volume of data that are both structured and unstructured such as relational and transactional data, graphical and network data, temporal and spatial data, image and video data, voice and sound data, text and documents, social data and news. Big data can be analysed computationally using machine learning or data mining or statistical techniques to reveal patterns, trends and associations to reveal insights in different applications.

This workshop provides you with an introduction to a variety of data analytics methods in areas such as machine learning, data mining, statistics. that can be used to uncover hidden patterns in big data. It will cover the basis that the data analytics techniques are developed, the assumptions that are made, and their relative advantages and disadvantages.

Learning Objectives:
• Discuss the big data analytics concepts and explain how they are related to AI, machine learning, data mining, data science, deep learning, etc
• Classify data types into structured and unstructured data and how different data analytics techniques can be used to handle different data types
• Compare and contrast different algorithms and techniques. Explain the assumptions behind
• Identify big data analytics tools and explain how big data is related to cloud computing
• Recognise the impact of big data for business decisions and strategy and other areas


Speaker : Professor Keith C.C. Chan

CPD Credit Hour : 3.00 Hours

Fee : CPA Australia Member: HK$450 | Non-member: HK$750

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