19:00 - 20:30


Wan Chai

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CPD Hour


A lot of new tax legislative changes have been effected in the year of assessment 2018/19. These changes include introduction of transfer pricing rules and documentation requirements, tax super deduction for research and development expenditure, introduction of the two tier tax system, expansion of deduction scope for the purchase considerations for intellectual properties and etc. In view of these significant legislative changes, the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department ("IRD") will revise the 2018/19 profits tax return and issue supplementary forms for the sake of collecting relevant information to ascertain the profits tax position of the taxpayers.

Our speakers from the IRD will walk you through the key changes in the revised profits tax return and the supplementary forms; and provide guidance on how to complete the return and the forms.


Speakers :

FUNG Chi-keung, Daniel: Chief Assessor (Profits Tax), IRD

YAM Mei-sueng, Michelle: Senior Assessor (Special Assignment), IRD

LEE Ming-oi, Karen: Senior Assessor (Financial Institutions), IRD

CPD Credit Hour : 1.50 Hours

Fee : Taxation Faculty Member: HK$120 | HKICPA member or student: HK$150 | IA/HKIAAT member or student: HK$150 | Non-member: HK$330

More Info :

Application Deadline : 21 January 2019