Cantonese (Supplemented with English Materials)




19:00 - 22:00


Sheung Wan

Course Fee


CPD Hour


Upon completion of the programme, the participants will be able to embrace the top 10 regulatory and enforcement trends from global to local.

Programme Outline:

Importance of increased focus on individuals and gatekeepers in criminal investigations and enforcement actions

• In-depth global cooperation, including Swiss, Singapore & Hong Kong that will apply to AML

• Money laundering: the continuing focus on terrorist financing and anti-money laundering - how HK treats China’s SOE financial institutions?

• On-going anti-bribery and corruption enforcement particularly in banking and financial sector where HK is focus. Anti-bribery and corruption remains a top priority for enforcement

• The increasing importance of effective corporate compliance programs

• Continuing reliance on Whistle-Blowers and Qui Tam Relators where whistle-blower programs continue to be a source of tips that have resulted in enhanced enforcement activity

• Use of trade sanctions as a weapon to enforce foreign policy objectives will be persisted.

• Enforcement of cyber security regulations on the rise

• Continuing focus on crime, fraud, waste and abuse

• Risk culture: the renewed focus on accounting, fraud and disclosure enforcement actions


Date : 22 & 29 January (Tuesday)

CPD Credit Hour : 6.00 Hours (3 Hours per session)

Fee :  HKIB Individual Member: HK$1800 | Staff of Corporate Member: HK$2,160 | Non-member: HK$2,400

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