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Develop your leadership abilities with this collection of online training courses. This bundle covers skills such as coaching, setting the tone for your organization, becoming a better influencer, acting as an ethical role model, and operating as a true business partner through effective communication.

Courses in the bundle include:

  • Improve Your Leadership Effectiveness by Looking Ahead - This course is designed to give you a global view of the current and future roles of the Key Financial Strategist or KFS, and by extension, the Controller.
  • Improve the Organisation's Performance Through Coaching - In this course, you will practice coaching skills and synthesize critical information that will help you set the tone at the top of your organisation.
  • A Leader's Guide to Mastering Influence - Participants will gain valuable insights into their strengths as well as areas for development in order to become consummate influencers.
  • Cost and Return: Professional Ethics in Business - Management accountants have a specific role in not only upholding their related institutes' code of ethics, but also in acting as a role-model and influencer in regard to ethical practice and promoting responsible business for the long term.
  • Commercial Skills for Finance Professionals - This course focuses on perhaps the most overlooked areas of commercial skills required by anyone in finance or, indeed, any other part of an organization - namely the ability to operate as a true business partner, and to have behavioral and operational skills, that mean we can listen and communicate and empathize with work colleagues and management in such a way that we are heard, that we're taken seriously, and that we have real influence.

Language : English                                                        

CPA Credit Hour : 8 hours                                                   

Member Fee: $ 1373  | Non Member Fee: $ 1718  | CGMA Holder Fee: $1091                                 

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