Listed Company Information

SHUN CHEONG<00650> - Amendment to Results Announcement (Advised by SHUN CHEONG)

The Stock Exchange has received a message from Shun Cheong Holdings
Limited which is reproduced as follows:-

"With reference to the Company's announcement dated 18 July 2006 in 
relation to the Results Announcement (Summary) of the Company and its 
subsidiaries for the year ended 31 March 2006 submitted to the Stock 
Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (the "Stock Exchange"), the Company would 
like to inform the Stock Exchange that:

Due to typographical errors, the "Employee benefits expenses (including 
directors' remuneration)" of 2006 as shown in note 4 "Loss before Tax" 
should be read as HK$15,343,000, HK$20,908,000 and HK$36,251,000 for 
continuing operation, discontinued operations and total respectively, 
instead of HK$16,620,000, HK$21,120,000 and HK$37,740,000 respectively.  
Also, as shown in note 6(b) "Events after the Balance Sheet Date", on 17 
July 2006, the Offer closed and Upsky received valid acceptances in 
respect of 38,178,249 shares of the Company under the Offer, instead of 
38,178,749 shares.  As a result, Upsky owns 70,178,249 shares of the 
Company, instead of 70,178,749 shares."